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Flood Safety

10/13/2016 (Permalink)

Its rainy season! As exciting as this can be for some who are tired of this constant sunshine here in southern California, it can also bring some events to be cautious about.


It’s not too common for flash floods to occur but in the case it is happening in your area here are some tips for you:

-Always be aware of your surroundings! Sometimes water can sneak up on you from behind.

-Avoid driving or going by foot through flood waters. You never know what is floating around in there.

-Fun fact: It only takes 6 inches of water to knock you down.

-Move to higher ground as soon as you get a chance.

-If you happen to be in your vehicle when the flood hits and it rises above your car, you can get out as long as the water is not moving and head to higher ground. If the water is moving it would be best to wait in the vehicle to avoid being swept away.

Enjoy the rain and stay safe!

Fire Damage Safety

8/19/2016 (Permalink)

As bad as mold can be in your home, fire is another one of the scariest events that can happen. Even after it’s put out and the scariest part is over, you still have the aftermath. The smoke, the smell, the soot and your damaged property.

  Here are some small tips to prevent any further damage to your property:

-Try to limit any movement in your home to avoid soot particles from being embedded into carpet and furniture

-Try to keep your hands clean; as any soot on your hands can further soil furniture, walls, and woodwork.

-Place dry, un-staining towels on any traffic areas

-If electricity is off, it is best to clean out your refrigerator and freezer to prevent any odor or perished food.

-Do NOT attempt to clean or wash any walls or carpets without consulting a professional to avoid any further damage.

Stay safe and feel free to call your local SERVPRO with any concerns!

Mold Issue?

8/16/2016 (Permalink)

Mold. One of the scariest things that can happen in your home.

There are plenty of reasons why mold could be growing in your humble abode, all having to do with one key element: excess moisture.

Mold can grow anywhere from carpet to food and even areas inside of walls surrounding leaking pipes. Mold can be troublesome to fix and

cause some health issues, so it is important to try and prevent mold before it can become a problem.

The best method of mold prevention is moisture control.

Start by identifying any areas that would be the perfect home for mold to grow. Such as flooding basements, water stains, or moist corners.

Take care of those areas by either taking out any wet carpet, repairing damaged gutters, or installing mold resistant products.

If you find any wet areas, make sure to dry them. Mold can't grow without any moisture, so handling these areas as quickly as possible will

definitely be a benefit. Even taking care of something as small as wet clothes in the washing machine or drying the walls after a nice, steamy shower are

simple steps that can stop mold in its tracks.

Make sure your home is properly ventilated. Either when taking a shower, cooking dinner, or doing laundry, you can open the windows or use dehumidifiers

to help control the moisture in your home. Utilize that exhaust fan!

Call SERVPRO of Irvine if you feel that mold is an issue in your home.

Different Types of Water Damage

8/16/2016 (Permalink)

Like apple trees, not all water damages are the same. They can be divided into categories that can help determine how to handle the situation.

The easiest way to look at it would be clean water vs. contaminated water.

Clean water can come from a broken pipe (Like your sink or shower), icemaker, drain overflowing, anywhere where there is no waste or contaminates.

Dirty water can come from raw sewage, floods, machinery, or even roof leaks. This water has contaminants and could have high degree of waste. 

When Handling Damage from Clean Water:

Make sure to:

-Shut off the water source if possible

-Turn off circuit breakers for wet areas to keep yourself safe

-Remove as much water as possible by mopping up

-Remove any valuables to a safe place to avoid damages (computers, paintings, documents, and any other sensitive materials)

Do not:

-Enter a room where you can experience electrical shock hazards

-Leave items such as books, newspapers, colored rugs or other colored items on wet surfaces that may cause staining

When Handling Damage from Contaminated Water:

Make sure to:

-Avoid contact with any sewage material or items affected by sewage

-Wash your hands if contact with contaminated items occur

Do not:

-Spread contaminated water by walking through wet areas

-Use household fans to try to dry area

SERVPRO of Irvine is here to help! If you are suffering from a water damage, give us a call at 949-474-7776.