Photo Gallery

Technician working in a water damaged bathroom of a commercial job.

Technician at a Commercial Job in Irvine, CA

This commercial building had a horrendous water damage that led to mold growth. This photo shows one of our technicians hard at work! He is restoring the restroom, so the damage is "Like it never even happened."

A demoed ceiling near the entryway of an Irvine, CA home.

Demoed Ceiling in Irvine, CA

Due to a water damage that occurred in this Irvine resident's home, the ceiling required professional demolition to be done. This photo shows the wonderful work done by our technicians!

Garage after mitigation was done on the ceiling.

Water Damage in Irvine, CA

This garage required demolition because of a soaked ceiling. This occurred from water traveling through several floors of this Irvine, CA home. Our team completed this job in one day and our customer was thrilled with the results. 

Newly cleaned living room after reconstruction in Irvine, Ca.

Cleaned Living Room in Irvine, CA

This customer had requested SERVPRO IRVINE to perform cleaning in their home after reconstruction services. This photo shows the wonderful job that was done by our technicians and is one of the many reasons why you should choose SERVPRO IRVINE for your cleaning and restoration needs!

Storm Damage with SERVPRO Equipment in Irvine, CA

Storm Damage in Irvine, CA

This photo shows the mitigated living room after a storm that had occurred in Irvine, CA. It also displays the professional SERVPRO equipment placed to dry and dehumidify the area of damage. This photo is a great example of our advanced drying equipment in use!